COBURY Terms of Service

The following terms apply to all sales (projects, service agreements, subscriptions, etc.) taking place between the client (hereinafter the buyer) and Løverne ApS (hereinafter COBURY). Any deviation from the Terms of Service may only apply upon the presence of an express written agreement between the buyer and COBURY.


All offers provided by COBURY remain valid for a maximum of 14 days unless otherwise specified. COBURY may at any time prior to an agreement, or otherwise serious commitment from the buyer, withdraw from the offer. All offers are conditional upon the validity of the information and material provided by the buyer. All offers will include a brief description of the task at hand as well as an overview of what is included, which is to be followed in case of any future dispute.


All agreements are binding and cannot be withdrawn from unless otherwise specified. Irrespective of changing circumstances and opinions both parties are obliged to hold up their end of the bargain.


COBURY reserves the right to use all material provided for references, training, and future projects unless otherwise specified. All material provided by COBURY cannot be sold off to a third party without prior agreement.

Mistakes and corrections

Upon finalizing the project, the buyer reserves the right to comment on the work and request agreed upon changes and bug fixes. Once the work has been handed over and approved by the buyer, COBURY can no longer be held responsible for any mistakes. All requests from the buyer must align with the original offer, which can be found in the agreement. COBURY is not obliged to process any further changes and may, if the situation asks for it, request a surcharge. The buyer is obliged to pay the agreed upon amount in full, irrespective of whether the buyer is satisfied with the work provided. This, however, is only the case insofar as the work done by COBURY reasonably satisfies the details of the original agreement. The buyer is solely liable for any mistakes taking place due to defects in forwarded material.


All disputes must initially be attempted resolved without the involvement of the courts. If such has proven unsuccessful, the dispute may be brought before the Danish court where it will be assessed under Danish law or any other legal system explicitly mentioned and agreed upon.

The COBURY Terms of Service was last updated December 21, 2019.